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This exists because I want to stop keeping the things that I love separate. Because I have spent a long time keeping bits and pieces of my life in various different places, mostly, to be honest, to please others. But I don’t want to hide any part of who I am at all. I like all of the contradictive bits that make me happy and also make me precisely who I am. You know, we always get told to pick a lane in life… But I don’t want to! So I stuck it to ’em, did my own thing and picked a few.

I don’t necessecarily consider myself all that creative but I have found that avenues of creativity are what really make me happy. I love to put my fashion qualifications to use and muck about on a machine on occasion, whipping up clothes and such. Similarly (I am no artist) I am quite content with any opportunity to play with a brush and canvas, and have been known to muck about on a guitar every now and then. I love Bikram, and i am lucky enough to have some wonderful support behind me to go to Bikram’s teacher training in the near future! Bring on 2014. If I’m going to be completely honest with you, I must confess I love whiskey and the occasional cheeky cigarette – I’m not a health freak, but I do believe that self-awareness in many aspects of our life is important including what we put in our bodies. That said, I hate my gluten allergy and it has caused me far more difficulty in life than it should, even being the focus of some token lover’s quarrel moments in the past. I have a small (fucking huge) fixation on tea and all things associated with tea. Tea puts me in my happy place and I believe there isn’t much that a good cup of tea won’t help.

Like most others out there, I want to help those less fortunate than I, but I look out for numero uno because hell, if there is one thing I’ve learned in life it’s that no one else is going to put my wellbeing first. I am an unconventional hopeless romantic. I consider myself to be polite and I usually put my manners to good use. I also love a good dirty joke and crass ramblings of profanity. I have discovered that I do enjoy those fleeting moments where I feel compelled to openly speak my mind, however am often rather quiet and reserved when it comes to social events these days. I am still on that journey discovering new things about myself too. It terrifies me, in an awesomely exciting sort of way. In short, this sort of sums me up. I am finally finding my feet after a very difficult and confronting year. I am a bit of a strange mix, but my friends prefer to see it as delightfully awkward.

I have a brilliantly exciting ten year plan of where I want to be and what I wish to accomplish which encompasses all of the aforementioned things above. I am looking forward to sharing my experiences along the way with you.

So. I am a twenty-something girl from New Zealand, with a dream and some empty pockets. This is for my thoughts and rantings along my journey and some of the bits in between.

Welcome to my world.