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Things have changed in my corner of the world since the first initial post was written, announcing my life passions and quiet ambition. It’s time for an update.

This blog exists to keep my thoughts and love of various things in one place. Bits and pieces it may seem, but these are bits and pieces that make me up to be a whole person. There are many things in which I am. A creative individual. Striving artist. Yoga enthusiast. Tea addict. Music lover. Amateur writer. Sometimes a stubborn-as-all-hell, semi-functioning humanoid.

I also happen to live with chronic pain. About a year ago, at the beginning of 2014, my body decided to unravel. Since then my everything has gone in to keeping myself together. From persevering with day to day functioning, keeping active and attempting to regain some strength and coordination, to taking a dose of humility and allowing others to care for me, love me and be supportive when I need it. There has been a real struggle to keep myself out of the bottomless bucket of depression, but with yoga, meditation and my support network that has been built with particular loving people who I care dearly for by my side, I have managed to keep afloat.

I am a good person with good intentions. Sometimes I remind myself, because chronic pain can sometimes play tricks on one’s mind, questioning if you may be simply a burden to your closest, and nothing else. I know better, most days.

Still a hopeless romantic. I feel Paulo Coelho speaks volumes in this particular passage in his book, The Alchemist: “You will never be able to escape from your heart. So it’s better to listen to what it has to say.” And I would speak in sentences only constructed by romantically inspired quotes, if it were at all possible(and if I knew enough by heart to do so).

More than anything, I wish to be a yoga teacher. Without it I could not have persevered through the last year, mentally, physically or emotionally. Yoga has given me so much that I cannot imagine doing anything more valuable with my life. With current financial and physical limitations, and a rather unpredictable future when it comes to my body healing, time is a huge variable. I have faith though, that one day(soon), I will become a yoga teacher and have the opportunity to pass the gift of asana practice to other individuals.

The ten year plan is still there. Priorities have changed. I still see the next decade filled with opportunity, adventure and achievement. So. I am still a twenty-something girl from New Zealand, with a dream and some empty pockets. Join me in my journey ahead.

Pathway to the sky