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After a roaring start to 2016 making fast progress on my ‘before 30’ bucket list, the last few days have been somewhat difficult. 

I am proud of my progress – lots of research and ideas resulted so far in two patterns and toiles for a special waist training corset design have been made from scratch and completed, which will ultimately help with improving my back issues and be comfortable enough to sleep in(!!!). Drawings, painting and plans for an impending art collection are under way. My CV has even been polished for new work in the new year. Movement, improvement and production are my key words for this year.

The last couple of days however, have involved stress, my computer no longer working(I’ve found out the WordPress app for iPhone is a bit glitchy), a flooded laundry and hallway – rectified now, phew! – and this afternoon topped it all off with falling through a missing wooden plank in a wharf, giving my beautiful black and grey leg ink this brand new, rather concerning red and purple hued colour palette. 

Perhaps I am a little battered and bruised, but 2016 you are hella exciting! Here’s hoping this pace keeps up. So long as my coordination perhaps improves…