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need blood

After a brief phone call with a nurse from NZ Blood, spirits are somewhat low.

Today I decided to phone the ‘Give Blood’ helpline to discuss my eligibility as a donor while taking my medications, as I am likely to be on them indefinitely. The conversation was to the point and the ruling was given quickly: Ineligible. And that’s a hard pill for me to swallow.

Thoughts are still circling regarding what I can do for the NZ blood service, because you know it’s a noble cause. Blood is life and blood donors can mean just that to some. So while I figure out how I can help, if you happen to be a reader who came across my little post about my little idea, perhaps I can plant a seed of thought for you to consider: Pay it forward and please, become a donor yourself?

The website for NZ Blood Service is really user friendly and has lots of information for donors. There’s also a free-call 0800 number (0800 448 325) where, if you’re like me and need to clarify being eligible, or have other questions about donating, you can talk to someone friendly who knows pretty much everything about it. There are a number of mobile blood drives to keep an eye out for too.

In the mean time, I’ll keep on keeping on and work on impending wins in my Before 30 bucket list.

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