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With a busy mind and the chaotic world we are enveloped in, one must find a way to slow down every once in a while. A promise was made to myself this year, that I would get by for a week straight without the use of technology – that’s no phone, computer, internet/wifi, television or radio.

Becoming uncomfortably attached to technology and its conveniences, setbacks and distractions, the impending change will be refreshing and welcomed – despite the nightly Ted talk binges and connection through social media being a usually enjoyable part of my day.

The ‘right’ time may never come. So, feeling pragmatic, after some quick planning and a phone call to the folks, tomorrow marks the first day of my tech-free week.

Hopeful that it may help me find more grounding in routine and productivity, and perhaps encourage some more creative direction, expectations see that this week will be far from wasted and another accomplishment looks set to be crossed off my ‘before 30’ bucket list.

no wifi