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Sometimes hiding myself away for a hundred years feels more than right. Sometimes my body or mind becomes difficult and I literally forget to breathe. Sometimes admitting defeat feels like the only possible option. Sometimes I secretly hate myself… Just a little bit.

Most days, I know better. I know that I am loved, and that I am incredibly lucky to have wonderful, loyal people in my life that help me to stay positive. I remind myself that life is precious and my moments of peace, of fleeting love, of remembering to breathe, are worth – well, everything. Difficult days are still happy and good intentions are pushed in to anything my hands can reach. Today, my hands reached for a pen.

A particular letter that had been carefully considered a long while finally came to life. The words flooded out, simple and honest. Half a dozen were written and prepared for meeting their surely unsuspecting readers.

Indulging in one’s own work, a page was tucked away in case I ever have another one of those gray days where I secretly hate myself… Just a little bit. Something to remind myself just for a moment, that things are better than they seem and life is still beautiful. Because the world needs more love letters …so I’ll take one for me.