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Recently I spent a week living without my phone or computer. The following are a few of my personal observations from enduring those seven days:

  • I call my family a lot. This was the first thing that I noticed, as unsettling feelings of detachment emerged on the first day.
  • My most effective distractions and coping mechanisms for pain management revolve around using technology. This made my week extremely difficult to enjoy and much more challenging.
  • I should use social media less. Often compulsions to check Facebook and Instagram and the like were all too apparent and it doesn’t feel healthy at all feeling so dependent on them. I am deleting my Facebook for iPhone app as of today, expecting this to help me set better habits.
  • Technology is used in my world day to day as a means for accessing most things. From news and Ted talks, design inspiration, obtaining my medical information, to baking recipes and being able to order material and tools for creative ambition. As a result I felt incredibly detached to my reality as I knew it and was not able to be as productive as anticipated.
  • I didn’t anticipate how it would impact my quality time with my partner – they enjoy that we watch television together and my week of being techno-free was a bit frustrating to them in some ways relating to that.

Achievements over this 7 day period include loosely setting myself in the habit of a small daily yoga routine, cleaning and fine tuning my sewing machine, designing and making a personal pattern for a custom fit semi-medical corset for myself,  designing and (nearly finishing) making a wiggle dress – also for yours truly, squeezing in some more beach time while summer is around, allowing more time for silent meditation and learning to be more patient with myself.

It was an interesting experience and gave me more perspective on how I spend my personal time and shed light on how I can be a better and more productive me.